Monday, July 6, 2009

Just When You Thought The Right Could NOT Get Any Crazier

It seems like I've spent my whole life hearing about the National Rifle Association and the "right to bear arms." As we've discussed before on this blog, the NRA has reached it's high water mark by convincing the United States Supreme Court that the Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to carry firearms, and that the language about the need for a "militia" to protect the community did not limit the reach of the Amendment.

I don't agree, but so be it.

But now, there's a new movement, to protect the right to carry knives. No, I am not joking. You can check it out for yourself here. The "knife rights" folks are upset about new Customs regulations. Their website says:

"As you are aware, Customs is proposing to prohibit the import of assisted and one-hand opening pocket knives and in the process has so broadly re-defined what a Switchblade is under the Federal Switchblade Act, that it could cover almost all pocket knives, with potential far-reaching consequences to every knife owner. Our best bet to stop Customs in the short term is for Congress to prevent them from spending a dime to implement their proposed ruling. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Appropriations Bill will be taken up by the Senate starting on Tuesday, July 7th. We need your help NOW to rally support for an amendment to stop funding for this Customs rulemaking."

You can also get pro-knife T-shirts and other sharp stuff.

I think the right-to-knife movement has a lot going for it. They could have their own official song:

And their own official play, too.

I guess there's no limit to what shameless fundraisers will do to con cash out of terrified conservative Americans. I'm sure President Obama and Vice President Biden are rubbing their palms this minute, dreaming of the day when they have banned knives in this wonderful country of ours.

Hooray for free speech and the right-to-knife.


Christopher said...

I'm with you. I'm so tired of all these small (a.k.a. minority) special interest groups complaining about the government encroaching on their civil liberties. They should just shut up and realize that their government knows what's best for them.

After all, citizens are like children. We don't know what is good for us and what is bad for us. That's why we need the State to tell us what we can play with and what we can't, what we can drink and what we can't. Instead of complaining when the government takes something away, we should be grateful that we have someone so caring for our needs, someone who has out best interests at heart.

Someone like a protective big brother.

Jim Craig said...

I bet Steve McNair wishes the government were a bit more like a big brother right now. But I guess "guns don't kill people, girlfriends kill people."

Christopher said...

So true. "Hell hath no fury..." I guess they're saying now she didn't have a motive, but methinks they just haven't found it yet.

Jim Craig said...

I don't get that "no motive" point at all. Her friends and relatives say she was looking forward to marrying McNair, and that he told her he'd be divorced in two weeks. Yet, there was no divorce on file. Couldn't there have been a confrontation over that?

Christopher said...

Yeah, I don't know. I just saw a blurb about it yesterday or so. I'm not exactly following the story since I still have a 24/7 fixation on Michael Jackson.