Thursday, July 16, 2009

CellularSouth parent company and Jackson-based lobbying firm Capitol Resources to be named as John Does in Pickering v. Creekmore-Byrd?

From Paragraph 3 of the complaint:

Creekmore-Byrd is on the Board of Directors of her family's businesses, Telepak, Inc., which owns Cellular South. These companies secured the services of Capitol Resources which is a lobbying organization. Capitol Resources has now employed Pickering and has created an office in Washington, D.C. for him.

From Paragraph 16:

The Defendants, John and Jane Does 1-7, are named as defendants herein because they may have aided Creekmore-Byrd in her affair and to entice and tortuously interfere with the contract between Leisha Jane Pickering and Charles Willis Pickering, Jr. In the event that Plaintiff determines the identity of a John or Jane Doe, then Plaintiff incorporates all of the allegations herein by reference.

Anyone thinking what I'm thinking?

And again, I'm not passing judgment on the merits of any claim Leisha Pickering has made or may make. (I feel compelled to say that repeatedly, as some readers apparently aren't bright enough to understand that without me spelling it out for them. Or even when I do.)


Jim Craig said...

As a member of Senator Lott's staff, and later as a United States Representative, Mr. Pickering was instrumental on telecommunications issues, including the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. He served as Vice Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee. He is assistant majority whip in the House of Representatives.

Anonymous said...

He turned down an appointment because she told him. Why do I have a feeling this was all about having someones aid with moving money. At this point he's with his girl friend before divorce. ( making future plans?) then there's a lobby job.

Here babe hold this money for me so no one will know how I got it, till we can be together. I'll get it back in the guise of your lobbing firm and we'll live happy ever after.

the X-wife finds journal. the money and affair are made. She know moves for her share. Well it's a thought.and look at the attorneys of record.

Jane said...

Here's something else about Chip Pickering possibly supporting him through his endeavors federal judge Charles Pickering.

billcms said...

How can a Hinds County court can enjoin enforcement of an order of a Madison County court? If I was a Hinds County judge, I wouldn't touch this. Shouldn't this lawsuit have been filed in Madison County?

Anonymous said...

The defendant is a resident of Hinds County, according to the Complaint. That makes venue in Hinds County proper.

Blawwguh said...

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