Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is an attempt to resurrect Dr. Hayne in the works?

There are rumblings of discontent amongst our state's prosecutors concerning Forensic Medical, Inc., the outfit from Nashville that's been hired to handle the state's autopsies since the state terminated its relationship with Dr. Steven Hayne last August. The Attala County (MS) Coroner contemplated asking the Attala County Board of Supervisors to hire Dr. Hayne to perform that county's autopsies back in May, but promptly thought better of it.

Others may not have those qualms, however. This comes from the June 2009 Summary of Attorney General's Opinions:

A regional medical examiner district may employ or contract with one or more pathologists to serve as medical examiners of the district, which will perform postmortem examinations and autopsies for the counties involved. (Shivers, 6/26/2009)(#047)(OP-09-00268)

I can't find the opinion itself online, but it'd be nice to see who requested it. Are some counties looking to pool their resources to hire back Dr. Hayne?

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