Monday, July 27, 2009

David Landrum Lectures Us On The Importance of Voting

Sid Salter has an interesting blog post about an email he received from David Landrum, businessman and former candidate for the Republican nomination for Mississippi's Third Congressional District seat. Seems that Mr. Landrum is raising money for a ballot initiative to amend the State Constitution to require voter identification.

Salter's blog quotes Landrum as saying (in part):

"The Mississippi Republican Party is hard at work to get photo voter identification on the ballot in 2010. For years, many people have been allowed to vote numerous times under different names and the deceased have been voting long after they are gone, all due to our lack of a voter identification law."

Is this the same David Landrum who lost all credibility when the voting records showed that HE HADN'T VOTED AT ALL in past elections?

And then claimed that the voting records had been tampered with?

And then didn't dispute that the records his own campaign used to "prove" he had voted were false?

Yep, I think it's the same person.

Maybe Mr. Landrum isn't the best guy to take the lead in the fight for the integrity of the election rolls in Mississippi?


Anonymous said...

Landrum thinks he can play GOP soldier and then he'll get a pass next time he runs for office. He perfectly fits the definition of empty suit.

Kingfish said...

He's wanting to run for SOS if Delbert runs for something else.

Christopher said...

Back in the day, we used to call this ad hominem, which goes under the column headed Logical Fallacies.

On the other hand, this post may not even be arguing against voter ID legislation, so my observation may be entirely irrelevant.

Matt Eichelberger said...

Here's something that's not an ad hominem: the GOP-led state Senate killed Voter ID this session. State Sen. Terry Burton (R-Newton) had it absolutely right when he said on SuperTalk that he and other proponents of Voter ID had been "stabbed in the back" by people wanting to continue using the Voter ID issue to drive up turnout. In response, Sen. Merle Flowers (R-Southaven) said "No, Terry, we stabbed you in the stomach."

There was no denial at all of Sen. Burton's allegations. Certain state GOP politicians would rather have Voter ID as part of their campaign stump speech than part of the Mississippi Code. Now, as promised, here's an email trying to use the issue to raise money.

Here's the question: will the voters remember?

Matt Eichelberger said...

Kingfish- I keep hearing that Delbert's running for Governor, and that it was the aforementioned Voter ID breakdown amongst and between GOP Senators that drove him to it.

If he gets in, it'll be a crowded field at the top during the GOP primary.

Christopher said...

"No, Terry, we stabbed you in the stomach."

Now that is interesting.

Anonymous said...

I truly doubt that anyone will be able to beat Bryant and his backdoor slime machine to the GOP nomination for Guv.