Friday, July 24, 2009

The Perfect Face

Many years ago I was told, "Jimmy, you have the perfect face . . . for radio."  I responded, "Gee thanks, Mom."

Now I have been invited by Brad "Kamikaze" Franklin to join him and other guests on "A Closer Look" on Mississippi Public Radio, this coming Sunday (July 26) from 2 until 3 pm. 

Possible topics include the Pickering cases, the arrest of Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and other recent news items.

Listeners can call in, and I welcome our Ipse Blogit readers to come forward and make yourselves heard!


Anonymous said...

Good for you Jim as you've certainly the brains and quick wit to do radio. But the time slot is a dead zone and the program a yawner. It would be fun to hear you hook up with Salter.

Jim Craig said...

I am usually napping at 2 pm on Sunday, so hopefully the show won't be a literal yawner this week.

Matt Eichelberger said...

Do it.