Monday, July 13, 2009

2 New Nightspots Downtown

Downtown Jackson's revitalization continues with the addition of two new nightspots, F. Jones Corner on Farish Street and Underground 119 at 119 S. President Street. F. Jones is a blues bar, and opened to rave reviews this past weekend. Underground 119 will be a tapas restaurant with blues, jazz, classical and bluegrass music. According to JFP Daily (which I highly recommend):

The schedule may include different types of music each night for a week, alternating with a whole week of just jazz or just bluegrass.

"That's all being worked out now," (Developer Hap) Owen said.

The club will serve a menu of "high-end tapas," Owen said. Tapas, a Spanish dining tradition, consists of a wide variety of hot and cold appetizers that patrons can combine for a full meal. Seating will focus on lounge-like comfort, enticing customers to stay for the evening.

Bit by bit, piece by piece, Downtown Jackson's coming back to life.


Christopher said...

In all seriousness and in no way intended to be inflammatory, what would you say to someone who is less than comfortable venturing down Farish Street at night?

Matt Eichelberger said...

Christopher - I'd suggest coming down to Farish Street during the daylight hours and seeing if you feel comfortable. This Friday, a bunch of us are getting together at F. Jones Corner for lunch at noon. Afterward, a group is taking the trolley tour of Downtown put on by DJP and Watkins Development. It leaves from Union Station at 1:45 p.m. You might want to partake in that as well.

Christopher said...


That sounds excellent. I only have an hour for lunch, but I would love to check it out and meet some new people. Will Jim be there?

Jim Craig said...

I haven't decided, Christopher. I have a 10:30 conference call, so it depends on how that goes.

You can often find the IB team at the Plaza on Thursday evenings, though. Consider yourself invited.

Julie said...

In all seriousness, I will add that Matt's suggestion is good. Just come down, check out the neighborhood and get comfortable! Also know that the developers and proprietors are aware that people not as familiar with the area or those who haven't been here in a while probably share your concerns, and they are 100% committed to making sure you feel welcome and safe. There is actually a police precinct located right ON Farish Street. And when I was at F. Jones Saturday night (until the wee hours of the morning), there were plenty of people-the proprietors, security folks, and other patrons-around. Everyone felt completely comfortable and had a wonderful time!

And, for what it's worth, Christopher, I am a young female who lives in downtown and I have never once felt unsafe in the year and a half since I moved to the neighborhood. In fact, earlier this evening, I walked my dog--in downtown I do most nights...and I survived just fine! The great thing about downtown (including Farish) is that those of us here feel such a strong passion for it and sense of community in it that we simply won't stand for anyone to threaten that. We know and look out for each other, and for visitors to the neighborhood, too!

Please...just come down and meet everyone in the daytime and learn about the place and what the owners want it to be. You'll see how great it is and won't be able to wait to return at night!

Christopher said...

I plan to come on Friday.

I actually used to live on E. Griffith myself. The only bad experiences I recall are watching a guy running form the cops drive the wrong way up Lamar street, bash into a parked car, then get out and run right past my wife and I as we were walking home from a symphony concert. Oh and the time someone came into the lobby of the law school, fondled a woman, then tried to follow her back to her apartment.

And of course, Farish Street Festival itself, but that's a different kind of nuisance.

I am glad they are trying to clean up the neighborhood. It looks like they are taking steps in the right direction and I certainly would like to be a part of that.

Julie said...

Look forward to you doing so! It is going to take ALL of us to make it happen...supporting those businesses and spreading the word!

Also, I will give a big shout-out to Downtown Partners and their new Block-by-Block Ambassadors. They've been great so far and are doing a lot to make downtown both more attractive and a safe and friendly place.

Julie said...

And just for the record in case you were wondering, I'm not receiving any paid endorsements for my championing of downtown. (I just live here.)

Christopher said...

If y'all even see this comment in time, I plan to be there at noon. See you then!