Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Northern District US Attorney Update

The blog Main Justice has updated its interactive chart on prospective nominees for United States Attorney in the Obama Administration. The chart shows that Christi R. McCoy has been "reportedly recommended" to the President for nomination as the US Attorney in the Northern District. The box for the Southern District nominee is blank.


Kingfish said...

Scruggs prosecutions going on and we are going to appoint one of the defense lawyers to oversee them.


Justin said...

...Because being a defense attorney makes you incapable of making sure the right and just thing happens in criminal prosecutions.

Wait. That's what they do on a daily basis. It's like the old adage says - Former prosecutors make the best defense attorneys. Former defense attorneys make the best prosecutors.

Things are different on each side of the aisle and could only add a better perspective with which to effect justice.

Kingfish said...

Oh well, no one ever accused you of being ethical or being able to see a conflict of interest.

Of course, in what is par for the course, you completely avoided what I pointed out, which is a defense lawyer in the Scruggs case will be in charge of prosecution.

Justin said...

I would imagine the conflict would lead to giving the case over to someone in DoJ.

But that's just me.