Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sarah Palin Ratted Out As Crazy, Unprepared, Slothful and Downright Stupid By McCain/Palin 2008 Staffers? YOU BETCHA!

Schadenfreude does not even begin to describe my response to Todd Pardum's Vanity Fair article about Sarah Palin. It strikes me as a wonderful read for your Fourth-of-July weekend.

The article has started a circular firing squad on the GOP side, as leaders of the McCain/Palin campaign point fingers at each other about the truth or falsehood of the anonymous statements quoted in the article -- and speculate about who might have given Pardum his ammunition.

Have a glorious Fourth!

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Kingfish said...

I wouldn't believe the first thing that came out of Nicole Wallace's mouth nor any of her friends. McCain's staff didn't exactly distinguish themselves with their intelligence during the campaign either. Charlie Black is so dumb he damn near got Reagan beat.