Thursday, July 16, 2009

Putting Their Chips On The Wrong Number?

The Republican questioning of Judge Sotomayor has been interesting, and a bit surprising. To the extent they ask about legal issues, they are focusing on affirmative action and gun control. That alternates with varying denunciations of the "wise Latina" speech.

One would have to assume that the GOP has decided to play entirely to their base: white blue-collar working people.

Is that because the Republicans fear that President Obama has made inroads into the territory of "Reagan Democrats" in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana?

Is it a smart strategy? Clearly, the young voters in the country are turned off by the fundamentalist "hot buttons" of homosexuality and contraception. That may explain why there are so few questions on abortion or same-sex marriage.

But by attacking Judge Sotomayor on the "wise Latina" speech and the affirmative action cases, the GOP is risking the complete alienation of Hispanic voters.

It strikes me as a risky game to play.

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