Friday, July 10, 2009

Kingfish Takes a Bite Out of the C of CC's Butt

You have to hand it to Kingfish of Jackson Jambalaya. Although he's more conservative than this writer (but then, who isn't?), he has a mind of his own and decides issues according to his own research and analysis, not a blinkered ideology.

Today JJ takes on the Council of Concerned Citizens, the group that State Sen. Chassaniol spoke to recently. Several local progressives and the JFP have documented and criticized the Republican Senator and her party for her willingness to appear at the C of CC's recent convention.

But Kingfish has taken the criticism to a higher level. You can read for yourself the research he has done from the C of CC's own website and blogs -- and be amazed that ANY elected official, from any party, would be willing to be associated with such tripe.

So this one's for you, Kingfish. Great job.

And for the record, I join your salute to the JJ reader who met Hef at the Mansion.


Kingfish said...

What do you want?

Justin said...

In true Kingfish fashion!