Monday, July 13, 2009

Who's running for Yerger's open seat?

I've heard that the following people either are running for Yerger's seat when it opens, or are considering such a run:

Ashley Ogden - successful trial attorney; ran a close second last time; campaign website already up

Special Circuit Judge William Gowan - currently sitting as a special circuit court judge in Hinds County under the DOJ's Jackson Enforcement Team ("JET") grant

Joe Nosef - former Chief of Staff for Gov. Barbour

Wilson Carroll - former GOP candidate for Hinds County DA

Jeff Weill - current Jackson City Councilman from Ward 1

Anybody hearing anything? What are your thoughts on these names?


Anonymous said...

Bill Gowan. What a joke.

Jim Craig said...

Nosef is very politically connected in the Mississippi Republican Party, with Wilson Carroll right behind him. I am surprised that Ashley Ogden wants to run; I had thought he was more concerned with defeating Judge Yerger than actually serving as a judge. He has a strong campaign organization and with the addition of former Chief Justice Jim Smith to his firm, has the ability to reach out across the spectrum.

Generally speaking, county judges like to run for open circuit judgeships; so far none of them have indicated interest.

Matt Eichelberger said...

I think County Judge Skinner wants to run for DeLaughter's seat in the event in becomes open.

Terry Williamson said...

I can't say that I'm thrilled about any of those prospects. My initial thought was that any person running would have to be closely aligned with the Republicans. Then I thought about Ashley Ogden, and reconsidered. So maybe we need to find an intelligent, progressive lawyer to run. Jim, Matt, either of you interested?

But in the final analysis, I vote "Not Judge Skinner."

Jim Craig said...

Terry, you would be a good candidate yourself!