Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thanks a Lot, Justice Scalia

I hope we all are feeling VERY grateful to Justice Scalia for editing the Second Amendment to meet the needs of the gun lobby, and thereby invalidating the District of Columbia's strict gun control ordinance.

So now we have the spectacle of a white supremacist shooting and killing a security guard at the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

Courtesy of the Washington Post (linked above), here's a description of the man who was so ably sheltered by Scalia's Second Amendment:

A law enforcement source identified the gunman as James W. von Brunn, 88. On a Web site he apparently maintains extolling a "Holy Western Empire," von Brunn says he served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, worked for 20 years as an advertising executive and film producer in New York and then became "an artist and author" living in Maryland.

Police recovered a notebook from the gunman that apparently contained a list of different D.C. locations, law enforcement sources said. D.C. police bomb squads were called to search and secure those locations after the shooting, including one in the 1400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House.

How about a movement to amend the Constitution to explicitly provide for control of non-hunting, non-pistol weapons? Let's have an open debate with those who think there's an inalienable right to own semi-automatic firearms or armor-piercing bullets.


Christopher said...

Are you suggesting that the shooter, obviously undeterred by the laws against shooting people, would have been thrwarted by a law saying he can't bring a gun into Washington D.C.?

I would think the regular occurrence of school shootings would demonstrate what happens when criminals know where to find a congregation of people guaranteed to be unarmed and defenseless.

Jim Craig said...

I think it would have been much harder for him to carry a gun to that location if it were prohibited by law.

Anonymous said...

he was a convicted felon and was already prohibited, by law from having a gun.....but do go on...

Kingfish said...

Taking guns onto federal installations IS prohibited by law.

As is shooting people.

Too bad he wasn't a Marine. We are deprived of the Full Metal Jacket jokes.