Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rank speculation on upcoming indictment

Here's my guess: It's related to Eaton v. Frisby. The principles are already in jail or on bond, save Ed Peters, who is said to be in close contact with the Feds. This makes it easy to quickly serve the defendants, which would be required before making the indictments public.

My understanding is that Peters only bought himself immunity on the Wilson case with his promise to testify against DeLaughter. If that's true, then he's still open to prosecution on Eaton v. Frisby, Kirk v. Pope, and State v. Middleton. And if the Feds are expecting Peters to get shifty on the stand in U.S. v. DeLaughter, an indictment hanging over his head in Eaton would be the way to keep him in line.

Also, I don't think it's Trent Lott, although I've heard speculation that it is. I don't think Acting U.S. Attorney Stan Harris would be involved with prosecuting his former boss, if merely for appearance purposes. On top of that, those types of prosecutions are usually handled by the D.C. office, from what I understand.


P.S. - I also recall news of a big indictment spreading like wildfire back in mid-2008, causing speculation to skyrocket. It turned out to be something about a mid-sized immigration raid (not Howard Industries), if I remember correctly.


Anonymous said...

Clarion Ledger has a video link:


Anonymous said...

Huge meth bust. Nothing related to anything that had been previously speculated.