Thursday, June 11, 2009

First hat in the ring for Governor in 2011?

While it certainly appears that Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant will be making the bid for Governor in 2011, he has not, to my knowledge, done anything officially to indicate that he is indeed doing so. Of course, he already has a PAC up and going from his past races, so he gets to skip the step Bill Luckett just took.

I've never had the opportunity to meet Bill Luckett. I've only laid eyes on him once, and that was when I briefly watched him advocate on behalf of Kroger in the Kroger beating case.

Anyone know anything about Luckett?


Anonymous said...

I think he's partners with Morgan Freeman in Madidi and whatever else they have going on up there.

Jim Craig said...

I'm considering joining with some folks in a "Draft Alex Alston for Governor" movement.