Saturday, June 27, 2009

YP: Governor Will Call Special Session Sunday Afternoon

Y'all Politics has broken the story that the Governor has told some state legislators that a special session will be called Sunday afternoon to solve the short-term issues related to the budget impasse. YP reports:

Governor Barbour has reportedly notified some legislators that the Special Session to solve the state's budget crisis will convene on Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

There will be three calls.

1. To authorize basic state services (which will take the pressure off of July 1).
2. To pass a bill for the equal taxation of non participating tobacco products
3. To agree on a medicare fix.

Reportedly, there is not full agreement on Medicare between Governors and House Democrats loyal to Speaker Billy McCoy yet, and it could still stall out. However, it is likely very close with both sides likely betting the other will bend a bit amid the pressure of a session.
That is welcome news, if it is indeed true. I have written previously about the constitutional hypocrisy of the Governor proclaiming that he has emergency powers to keep selected agencies of State government operating without a budget, when he had the tobacco settlement payments to the Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi stopped because the settlement funds were not appropriated by the Legislature.

Congratulations to Y'all Politics for the scoop.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for reaching back to fetch up the Gov's hypocrisy on this stuff.

When questioned about Mark Sanford's adventures below the equator, Haley said he didn't talk about folks' personal problems, thought it was tacky to do so; yet when Clinton had his problems "down there", I read Haley tutored fellow Republicans on just how to make some hay without the seeds getting stuck in their own hairs.

Talk about your situational ethics.