Thursday, June 11, 2009

Open thread on 2011 races

After seeing Jim's comment in the post on Bill Luckett unofficial entry into the 2011 Governor's race, I decided that it's about time for a post on all of the 2011 races. It's still very early, and most potentially viable candidates are still talking about these possibilities only amongst their most trusted confidantes. That being said, if you've heard a name tossed out there for a position, let us hear it.

Here's what I've got thus far:


Jim Hood (D)
Bill Luckett (D)
Phil Bryant (R)
Delbert Hosemann (R)

Lt. Governor

Phil Bryant (R)
Delbert Hosemann (R)
Billy Hewes (R)
Tate Reeves (R)

Attorney General

Jim Hood (D)
Delbert Hosemann (R)

As you can see, I've heard Delbert's name for everything under the sun. State Auditor Stacey Pickering (R), appears to be looking to make a move, but I don't know where to just yet. Also, nearly the only Democratic name I've heard is Jim Hood. As the only statewide elected Democrat, that makes sense. That's not to say there's a lack of young talent on the Democratic side of the aisle. (Sen. David Baria, Sen. Gray Tollison, Sen. David Blount, Sen. Eric Powell, Sen. Bill Stone, Rep. David Norquist, Rep. Brandon Jones, Rep. Bryant Clark, and Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley are just a few of the young Democrats we'll hear from for a long, long time.) It'll probably just take awhile for them to figure out how and if they'd like to continue to serve.


Anonymous said...

Pickering will probably run for Lt. Governor. He wants to out-moron Bryant in the job...a tall order, but I think he can handle it...

Justin said...

I've heard chatter about Michael Guest (Madison/Rankin DA) for Republican AG. There's probably no truth to that chatter though.

Kevin said...

On the GOP side:

I've heard that Tate Reeves really wants to run for governor, but is getting squeezed out of that race by Phil Bryant. So it makes sense to see him on your list for Lt. Gov.

Billy Hewes is pretty much in for Lt. Gov. and had made the "official-unofficial" announcement already.

And there is always Amy Tuck. People still talk about her getting back into it as a Gov. candidate.

Jim Craig said...

If she wanted to switch again, Amy Tuck could probably win the nomination as the Democratic Party's candidate for Governor. And she'd have a pretty even chance to win the Mansion.