Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reason Magazine runs with Hayne DPS blog post

Radley Balko, a consistent and thoughtful voice on the Dr. Steven Hayne issue, picked up this blog's post on Dr. Hayne's 2006 "Chief State Pathologist" contract with Mississippi's Department of Public Safety. Here's his article.


Donna said...

Radley Balko has really been the *only* voice on Hayne. All other media have followed him, and most (ahem, Ledger) have not given him credit where it's due when they follow up his very hard work to dig out information that isn't ready available in court files or online.

Cheers to Radley for his great work in Mississippi! We picked him up as a Tuesday column in the JFP Daily precisely because he has done so much great work here.

Matt Eichelberger said...

Radley has done a great job. Don't know where we'd be without him. I had the pleasure to serve on a panel with him awhile back, and I can tell you, he's a pit bull.

There are quite a few champions on the Hayne front. Rep. Bob Evans (D-Monticello) is another that y'all may not know about. He was the one who helped bring attention to this matter in the Legislature, leading to the additional funding for the State Medical Examiner's office.

Donna said...

No, I don't know much about Rep. Evans. We should do a piece on him. Thanks for the tip, Matt. ;-)

Matt Eichelberger said...

Donna, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Bob's one of my favorite people, and I think he'll be one of yours. Bob makes me proud to be a Mississippian.