Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Clarion-Ledger story on Delta manhunt

The Clarion-Ledger ran a Holbrook Mohr article yesterday on the incident involving John Whitten, a tank, and a burglary suspect in Tallahatchie County. In the article, Whitten claims that he's being targeted because his father defended Emmitt Till's murderers back in 1955. Mohr follows that up, though, exactly as I would have:

This isn't the first time Whitten has been accused of taking the law into his own hands. Whitten was fined $2,500 in the 1990s when he was a city judge and accused of holding three suspected trespassers at gunpoint after shooting their truck tire.

In my opinion, it's Whitten's own past, and his penchant for owning things like a British FV432 armored personnel carrier (here's a photo of one) that have drawn the attention.

Here's the article.

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