Friday, September 25, 2009

Former Gulfport mayor and his wife reach a plea deal with Feds ***UPDATE***

WLOX is reporting that the Warrs have reached a plea agreement with the federal government in the criminal action pending against them for Katrina fraud.

From WLOX:
Former Gulfport Mayor Brent Warr and his wife Laura will be in federal court this morning. A source told WLOX News that the couple is making a plea deal with prosecutors, and that the charges against Laura Warr will be dropped.

Meanwhile, the Sun-Herald will only say that the Warrs were at the federal courthouse.  I'm betting WLOX is right on this one.


WLOX now has the details of the plea deal.  From their story:

Prosecutors dropped 19 of the 20 charges facing Brent Warr. All charges were dropped against Laura Warr.  Brent Warr pleaded guilty to count seven of the indictment, filing false records with FEMA pertaining to disaster assistance.....  Brent Warr received three years probation, and must serve 100 hours of community service. He must also pay FEMA $9,558 in restitution by Monday.

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