Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MHAP: Why Mississippi Needs Health Care Reform

I just received an email from the Mississippi Health Advocacy Program, describing the effects of health care reform in Mississippi. Their email is worth quoting at length:

Here is how our broken health care system affects people in Mississippi:

130 residents of Mississippi are losing health insurance every day, and 14,000 Americans nationwidelose insurance daily.

The average family premium in Mississippi costs $800 more because our system fails to cover everyone-and $1,100 more nationally.

Our broken health insurance system will cost the Mississippi economy as much as $2.6 billion this year in productivity losses due to the uninsured-and up to $248 billion nationally.

In Mississippi there has been a 10 percent increase in the uninsured rate since 2007.

550,000 are uninsured today in Mississippi.

The average family premium will rise from $11,288 to $19,261 by 2019 in Mississippi without health care reform.

In Mississippi, without health care reform, 85,180 will have lost coverage from January 2008 to December 2010.

In Mississippi, 284,000 people would gain coverage as a result of the House health care reform bill by 2013, and 457,000 would gain coverage by 2019.
That's a pretty impressive set of reasons for Mississippians to support the President's plan.


Bill said...

It doesn't follow that OCare is the solution. The staggering deficits and tax increases that OCare will generate will cause a whole round of economic pain and layoffs.

Wedded Bliss said...

You want health care reform?



And I hate federal regulation. But we need a national Department of Insurance. So that the insurance companies can capture another regulatory agency.

Bill said...

Wedded Bliss is right, in that if the insurance companies only had to deal with one federal regulator rather than 50 elected mini-czars, they would save money which could be passed down to those of us who pay premiums.