Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Congressional Quarterly runs with the Pickering-Barbour-Vitter story

Good reporting work done here by Jonathan Allen.  Here's a quote that sums it up:

Pickering's otherwise dormant CHIP PAC made its first donation of the year to Haley's PAC on Aug. 15 -- four days after the governor gave to Vitter's 2010 re-election campaign -- according to a Sept. 20 filing with the Federal Election Commission. The two checks comprise all of the month's activities for Haley's PAC, which has just $13,281.37 in the bank and has made only one other contribution this year.

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Jim Craig said...

I liked this quote from the article:

"If Louisiana's conservative electorate is able to get past it and vote for Vitter -- and CQ rates the race "Leans Republican" -- that would be good news for Pickering in neighboring Mississippi."

I really don't want to know how either Mr. Vitter or Mr. Pickering "leans," do y'all?