Friday, November 13, 2009

You probably already knew this, but...

the "In Your Voice" comments section below each online Clarion-Ledger story is often home to the most vile, ignorant, depressing, hate-spewing invective found anywhere on the web outside of  And if the comments aren't dripping with the aforementioned filth, they're generally so lacking in grammar, spelling and punctuation as to be quite funny.  I'm going to start collecting the most outstanding examples here.  If you spot a special one, paste it into comments on a relevant post or email it to me.  I'll start with one from today's Jerry Mitchell piece on the DeLaughter sentencing:

Ed Peters could not stand Delaughter@all whatsoever. Ed Peters had lots of things against Delaughter. Ed Peters back-stabbed Delaughter in the back. Delaughter is having to pay for it because of Peters. I hope Peters has nightmares & gets Haunted by Medger Evers [Paranormal Activity][Ghost] on Peters. Peters deserves to be in Prison like The Scruggs Scandal. End of Story.......But Peters acts like He stole a Part of the Movie Ghosts of Mississippi from the 1960's laws. But anyways Ed Peters will be sought because as of right now Ed Peters is being followed by Investigators and has his Phones Wiretapped and all Phone Records/Text Messages is being Subpoenaed [Not Twitter] lol Ed Peters is the most meanest Man I have ever met in My Life. So will Trent Lott will get indicted by Jury too. So "What Comes Around Goes Around"! Delaughter should have slapped Ed Peters with his hand and lawsuit4Defamation.

Now, don't misunderstand me.  I certainly agree with the author of this post about Ed Peters. But there are three things that stand out and make this one worth cataloging:
  1. "Ed Peters back-stabbed Delaughter in the back." (You mean he didn't back-stab him in the front?!?)
  2. "Haunted by Medger Evers [Paranormal Activity][Ghost] on Peters." (Thank God she cleared that up.  I had no idea what she meant by "haunted.")
  3. "all Phone Records/Text Messages is being Subpoenaed [Not Twitter] lol...." (To be fair, I laughed out loud, too.) 
There are already 8 pages of comments on the story, so there's plenty of fodder for this.  Oh, and yeah: DeLaughter's getting sentenced today at 1:30 p.m. in Aberdeen.  Follow it at NMC's site.  I will be.


Jax said...

I only read the CL comments section if I want to get really angry and riled up. The invective and constant racial undertones - often overt - of the comments are troubling and often make me question what era we are living in.

Matt Eichelberger said...

Jax, I understand, and I feel that way sometimes. I wonder, though, if it wouldn't be better for our mental health if we just laughed at them instead.

Got this one via email -

DoubleDawgDare wrote:
If you believe that Bobby DeLaughter only lied to the Feds and did nothing else wrong, I have some swamp land you can have for a good price in southern Louisiana. Ed Peters was paid by Scruggs to corrupt the judge and that is exactly what happened. The only sad thing is that Ed Peters is not sitting in a cell with Scruggs and DeLaughter. The Mississippi legal system is forever tarnished by this bunch of greedy miscreants.

Here's a good one from the Delaughter sentencing. So, you've got swamp land in South LA to sell? Okay. There's a lot of it down there, unlike the proverbial ocean front property in Arizona.

Freedonian said...

You should see what I am going through in the latest thread on the Ft. Hood shooter, I actually had the audacity to advocate that he be treated like a human being instead of being tortured, I should have known better. I cannot wait until some of those CL commenters see how a commissioned officer is treated at a court-martial and during his pre-trial restriction.