Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thank you, Dexter, Jevan, Shay, the entire defense, and certainly not least of all, Les Miles.



grspore said...

I am not trying to invite an uncivilized discourse, but was there not a klan rally on the Ole Miss campus as the "rebels" inched past the tigers yesterday? perhaps consolidating schools is not such a bad idea. surely starkville could accommodate another 17,000 students..

Justin said...


You're not trying to invite uncivilized discourse, but you're talking about the Clan and urging State and Ole Miss to combine?

Surely the Ole Miss students would relish living in Starkganistan.

Matt Eichelberger said...


There was indeed a Klan "rally" on campus yesterday. (If you can call about 12 guys a "rally.") I was damned proud of the response. Here's video the entire rally, as well as a counter-demonstration by Ole Miss students, faculty, and staff:

I don't condone the use of the homosexual slur, but I'll take my victories where I can find 'em. This was a HUGE moment in the history of the University and the state.

grspore said...

Matt -
well said. I just needed that in writing. I withdraw my consolidation comment..

nmisscommenter said...

Just for those with short recall, there was also a Klan rally and march at Ole Miss in the mid-1980s, over the flag controversy (I think). There were counterdemonstrators outnumbering the Klan then, too.

The march passed in front of my law office. A grop of law students asked if they could counterprotest from there; one had a giant sign saying "FUCK THE KLAN."

nmisscommenter said...

And keep in mind what the Klan is doing: It is protesting the official actions of the U. of M. administration.