Thursday, November 12, 2009

Breaking News: Mississippi Supreme Court Requires Arbitration in Jones v. Scruggs Katrina Group Lawsuit

What a difference a year (or more) makes. Today, the Mississippi Supreme Court reversed the Circuit Court of Lafayette County, and ordered the lawsuit filed by Jones, Funderburk, Sessums, Peterson and Lee, LLC against the Scruggs Katrina Group sent to arbitration.

The mandate of the Mississippi Supreme Court grants the same relief that the Defendants in United States of America v. Scruggs, et al., were trying to achieve. As David Rossmiller blogged at the time of the indictment:

Supposedly, Scruggs and a small group of colleagues decided to bribe a state court judge in the fee dispute case -- not for a final disposition of the case in their favor, but to obtain an order compelling the plaintiff, Johnny Jones, to arbitrate rather than sue in court.
With deference to our friend Alan Lange, "Kings of Tort"? More like Kings of Tragedy.

Today's opinion is here.

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