Thursday, August 6, 2009

MESJ Presents: Andre' deGruy speaking on "Report From the Battlefield: Defending Death Penalty Cases in Mississippi"

Please join Mississippians Educating For Smart Justice (MESJ) to hear Andre' deGruy, Director of the Office of Capital Defense Counsel, relate his experiences in defending men and women charged with capital murder and facing the death penalty.  Andre' is one of the most effective criminal defense lawyers in the state, but he has spent nearly 20 years -- his entire career -- representing poor persons facing society's worst punishment. 

We have a lot to learn from Andre's struggles in the trenches of the Mississippi criminal justice system.  We hope to see you there!

When: 7 pm, Monday, August 10, 2009

Where: St Richard Catholic Church, Jackson Mississippi


precinct79 said...

I'm glad Andre is a good lawyer because his management skills leave a great deal to be desired considering how long he allowed Ray Carter to spend his taxpayer-paid business days posting on the Jackson Free Press blogs.

Justin said...

precinct79, give it a rest. Ray, from all cases I've read of his, is a fantastic attorney.

Jim Craig said...

Ray Carter is like a star quarterback -- on game day he rolls out onto the field to take charge, but before then you don't want him to burn off too luch intensity (I'm thinking Ken Stabler here). So between trials, I would guess he has time on his hands, but you wouldn't want to cut him from the team.

In any event, if people like Ray Carter, NMC, yours truly, and others didn't post during working hours, who would entertain you during the day, precinct79? We'd all have to watch soap operas on hulu.

Back to topic: Andre' has a pretty diverse group of lawyers in that office, and he seems to be able to mix and match them pretty effectively. You can't argue with success.

Patrick said...

Also if your ever in New Orleans his brother has a really good burger joint in Metairie named Phil's Grill.