Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jerry Mitchell writes about Dr. Hayne's possible comeback

Jerry Mitchell's article in today's Clarion-Ledger covers the latest attempt by certain Mississippi coroners and prosecutors to resuscitate discredited pathologist Dr. Steven Hayne. Essentially, Yazoo County Coroner Jerry Shivers and Yazoo County DA James Powell are seeking to establish a "regional medical examiner district" that would hire Dr. Hayne to act as its pathologist. The Holmes County Board of Supervisors is set to vote Monday to join the district.

I rest assured that readers of this blog are very familiar with Dr. Hayne, and the reasons that the Department of Public Safety determined that Dr. Hayne would no longer be allowed to perform autopsies for the state. This attempt, if successful, would be a giant step backwards for our justice system. In effect, Yazoo, Humphreys, and Holmes County would be employing a man to perform work in a field in which he is not board certified, who refuses to follow standards, and whose testimony has been lambasted by our own Mississippi Supreme Court. And he would be working without supervision, in a lab that is not certified.

If any of you know anyone connected with the Holmes County supervisors, please contact them and ask them to refuse to join the district this Monday.

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Wedded Bliss said...

This is a sick joke, right? I weep for Private Santiago.