Wednesday, August 5, 2009

He's Baaack!

Is is just me, or was anyone else thinking that what our Secretary of State REALLY had in mind when she sent Bill out there was a hostage exchange?

In any event, expect Bill to be sent on more missions to countries where it's tough to distinguish between women and yaks. 

Congrats to Bill.  And sorry, Madam Secretary, he IS coming home.


Casey Ann said...

Not one of your better posts. Bill (and Hillary) obtain the release of two American journalists, and you attack them both on totally irrelevant grounds. Are you a Republican - or do you just sound like one?

Terry said...

Oh, lighten up Casey Ann. I'm probably as liberal as anybody you'll find in Mississippi and I found Jim's post funny. There's nothing wrong with a bit humor, especially this early in the morning. Besides, Jim posted all his contact information, including his cell number. If it bothers you that much, you can call him on his cell phone to complain.

Michael Freeman said...

This was Southern diplomacy at its finest. Kim Jong Il was being disrespectful to our women-folk, and Bill Clinton took matters into his own hands. Flew in, had a little chat with the man, problem solved. Besides, who else could have walked out of there with a female on each arm, I mean really! Booyah!

Jim Craig said...

Casey Ann, I'm sorry if my warped sense of humor offended you. You can verify my high opinion of Hillary Rodham Clinton by searching the Federal Election Commission's report of political contributions.

I will say this: I wonder if Bill Clinton is not a Republican. He slashed govvernment aid to the poor, disabled the writ of habeas corpus, expanded the Federal death penalty, etc., all in the name of what Dick Morris called "triangulation." (I promise to leave that one alone, just this once.)

I enjoyed Christopher Hitchens' book, No One Left To Lie To, which discussed Bill's multiple betrayals of liberal values.

So I am not a Bill Clinton fan. I supported Jerry Brown for President in 1992. Now THAT'S a real liberal.

Terry, I don't see my contact info on the post, and if so, it was by accident. I prefer not to be called on my cell (my friends know I hate the telephone), but anyone can write me at

Matt Eichelberger said...

I caught it and edited the post to remove your cell and office phone numbers. I got your back, bro.

Casey Ann said...

Jim: We have 2 things in common. I hate talking on the telephone, and I ran as a Jerry Brown delegate - but in 1976! However, I love Bill Clinton, in spite of his many flaws.

In this case, I wanted my comments public. What Bill and Hillary accomplished (undoubtedly with Obama's support and approval)was truly wonderful. I've been following those women since they were captured, and I was thrilled they were released. But seeing all the snarky comments (you weren't the only one) really pissed me off. Some things just aren't joking matters, and the lives of those women is one.

You may not like Bill, but in this case, he did right. Give him credit.

Kingfish said...

Casey Ann:

Lighten up Francis and learn to recognize humor.

You probably thought "A Modest Proposal" was not satire.

Casey Ann said...

I know this might come as a complete shock to you, but after careful study, my little brain was able to determine that Jim's post was meant to be humorous. My point was that it was inappropriate. Just because you think it's funny doesn't mean everyone has to agree.

Wedded Bliss said...

Jim, I should have known you were a supporter of Governor Moonbeam for President. Wrong Brown for President, IMHO.

Jim Craig said...

Wedded Bliss: Which Brown were you for?

Wedded Bliss said...