Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I will not be writing further on the Irby case. Judge Green reminded everyone of Rule 9.01 today, read a portion of it aloud, and made certain to emphasize the phrase "other officers of the court." While others may disagree with respect to how expansive the rule is, I'm surely going to honor what I view to be Judge Green's wishes on the matter.

That is all.


Reasonably Prudent Person said...

Fascinating. Do you believe she is gagging all lawyers or just those in the case? Or are you scared that if you don't remain quiet she will take it out on you in another case. That must be it, because I don't see how a judge can gag those not involved.

Kingfish said...

She said all officers of the court.

Reasonably Prudent Person said...

This is overreaching. Unfortunately, to challenge this order you blackball yourself in her courtroom. Might not be a bad thing.