Wednesday, April 21, 2010

VERY interesting entry into the 2011 Governor's race

According to the Hattiesburg American this morning, Mayor Johnny DuPree (D-Hattiesburg) announced his candidacy for governor in 2011.  DuPree is the third-term, popular, African-American mayor of Mississippi's fourth-largest city.  DuPree gives the 2011 gubernatorial field something two things it currently lacks: a candidate with executive experience, and an African-American.

It's Mississippi, of course, so race will no doubt play some part in the 2011 cycle.  Mississippi has the highest percentage of black population of any state in the Union, but it's still 60.6% white, according to 2008 projections.  That being said, DuPree has been able to win election three times in a city that is 49.95% white and 47.34% black, according to the 2000 census.  DuPree will have to conduct a campaign focused on racial unity to have any chance of getting elected, and that promises to be a very good thing for Mississippi going forward, considering the tendency of our elected leaders to do things like visit Blackhawk.  (Recognize the guy in the middle?)

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stan said...

Its not if your black or white , but its how you treat pepole of all kinds.i live in the city of hattiesburg, i will not vote for mr. dupree.Dont make a Mistake and Vote,just because he his of color