Sunday, April 4, 2010

Christ in Heaven, I hope this is not true

Last night was prom night in Itawamba County, Mississippi.  Most of you who follow this blog are well aware of the saga of Constance McMillen, an openly-gay student at Itawamba Agricultural High School.  Tom Freeland over at is reporting the following about last night's events:

Here’s the news, from a source I view as extremely reliable.  The prom the school district promised at the country club in Fulton was a ruse.  Only seven kids, Constance, and her date showed, and at the same time, everyone else held a “real” prom at a secret location out in the county.
This is all after the school district had represented to Judge Davidson that Constance was invited to a parent-sponsored prom to be held at Tupelo Furniture Market.  The school represented that Constance was invited in court filings, testimony, and representations by the school district and its lawyers.  In reality, Constance had not been invited, but, based on the representations by the district and its counsel, Judge Davidson denied Constance’s request for a preliminary injunction that she could go to the prom.
The school reneged, or possibly didn’t ever intend to follow through on its representations to the court.  The parents didn’t want Constance at the prom and didn’t want to be sued (as they told the Clarion Ledger), and so on Tuesday announced the cancellation of the prom.
But what they’d done was secretly relocated it.
These reported actions, if true, are an affront to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi, and a great shame to us all.  My hope is that the information Tom is receiving is somehow erroneous.  My fear is that it is not.

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