Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Scott Walker Breakdown

Here's something shocking:  Former Ocean Springs Republican mayoral candidate Scott Walker has, in the past 10 days, been arrested for DUI, simple assault, and attempted possession of a prohibited weapon.  Walker had been the darling of Coast Republicans, drawing fervent support from the GOP party brass across the state in his bid to unseat Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran last year.  (Walker's former bosses, Sens. Trent Lott and Roger Wicker, were instrumental in drubbing that up.)  Now Walker's working with Pascagoula mayor Robbie Maxwell in some sort of consulting outfit.  And, it appears, beating up women and chasing guns in D.C., and passing out behind the wheel in Ocean Springs. (As an aside, that's the biggest smile I've ever seen in a mugshot.)

The coup de grace for Walker's political career comes at the hand of his alleged D.C. victim, Eleanore Kelly, who also works for Sen. Wicker: "I'm terrified of Scott Walker."

Walker lost the Ocean Springs race by 96 votes.

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