Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Willie Morris warned me there'd be days like this

The morning after the Transocean-sponsored memorial to the 11 fallen oil rig workers here in Jackson, the New York Times brings us word that there were signs of impending trouble on the Deepwater Horizon in the hours before the blast.

Meanwhile, PBS brings us word that an upcoming Live from the Artists Den will feature The Black Crowes from The Lyric in Oxford.


Jax said...

Matt --- explain the Willie Morris reference please. Always was a big fan of his so I'm kind of disappointed I'm not catching it.

Matt Eichelberger said...

Willie always talked about how Mississippi is a place of glaring, whiplash-inducing, contrasts. Grace and bigotry, poverty and art, etc. This, to me, seems like one of those days. Terrible news about the Gulf, and excellent news about PBS showing a concert from one of our great new venues in perhaps our greatest small town. The constant ups and downs of life in Mississippi.