Monday, March 22, 2010

Sen. David Baria unloads on Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney for comments in C-L story

In a press release sent out today, Sen. David Baria of Bay St. Louis rips into Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney over a Clarion-Ledger article I blogged about yesterday.  Here's the entire press release:
An article appeared in the Clarion-Ledger Sunday, March 21, 2010 in which Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney is quoted as saying that I told him that I was running against him for Insurance Commissioner in 2011.  While I believe Mississippi needs a new Insurance Commissioner, I will not be opposing him in 2011.  I'll be running for re-election to the Mississippi Senate.

But, how this story materialized says a whole lot about Mike Chaney.  Recently I was at a social function with Commissioner Chaney and Senator Billy Hewes.  The two of them were joking with each other and both of them were kidding me about rumors that I would be running for Lt. Governor and for Insurance Commissioner. When I assured both of them that I would be seeking re-election to the Senate, they both expressed concern (again, in a joking fashion) because, as they said, they had used my possible candidacy as an aid in their fundraising.  So, I jokingly said, "Okay Mike, if it'll help your campaign, I will tell people that I'm running against you."  We all laughed and I didn't think another thing about it. 
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Turns out, I should have been more concerned.  Never in my wildest imagination did I think Mike Chaney would use something I said in a joking fashion at a social occasion in a serious newspaper article.  Well, I was wrong.  I am deeply disappointed in the Commissioner for his statements just as I am disappointed he would not return my phone call yesterday to discuss this matter. While Mr. Chaney may find it helpful and amusing to use my name to help raise money from insurance companies for his campaign, he should not have misrepresented my comments about what my future plans may be.

My job representing District 46 is challenging and rewarding and keeps me plenty busy. I am proud to represent Senate District 46 and I consider my work here important and unfinished.

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Bardwell said...

At the very least, this demonstrates that Mike Chaney doesn't have much of a sense of humor -- a revelation that won't exactly shock the state's conscience.