Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is Hayne commenting over at

I'm pretty sure these comments don't belong to Hayne, but they were posted on the Clarion-Ledger's website this morning, underneath the story about the head doctor for the Forensic Medical autopsy firm getting busted for pot:

From WAAYTV.COM; Tennessee Health Commissioner SUSAN COOPER said the state is taking immediate action to end its contract with Levy, who has been chief medical examiner since March 1998. Before that, he was chief medical examiner for Metro Nashville beginning in 1997.
Doctor Steven Hayne never had a dope problem. He won his case against the Innocent Project, which the CL never reported. Dr Haynes has always been honest and fair in performing his work.
The italicized portion is false.  The case is still pending.  The sentence after that is just plain disturbing.
The Tennessee Medical Examiner was the brain child of Steve Simpson and Governor Haley Barber. This group of Doctors was supposed to set the standard. They were the “GOLD STANDARD” according to the Legislature, Steve Simpson and the Governor.
I wonder what they are thinking tonight after getting rid of all the DOCTORS from Tennessee today.
I wonder if DR. LEVI has been under investigation in Tennessee before all this happened. With all the investigative reporters that the CL has, it might be worth a trip to Nashville to find out, and during this time of budgets cuts find out how much the STATE has paid these Doctors. I bet it is more than Dr Hayne has been paid!!!!!!!!
Why is Dr. Levy's name misspelled and in all CAPS?  And why is this commenter so concerned with what the Guvnah and Steve Simpson are thinking? 
I also notice the CL never mention the bag marked and sealed from TENNEESSEE BREAU of Investigations that had dope in it and it was not the wacky weed. Is the FBI going to get involved since this package was delivery across state lines by Fed-Ex?
Some one with the CL needs to do more investigating!!!!!!
How on Earth would this person know any details of an investigation?

My guess is that this is some Madison-area law enforcement official, based on his previous comments.  But it's much funnier to picture Hayne with a half-empty bottle of whiskey flailing away at a keyboard and misspelling every 5th word.


Kingfish said...

Actually I'm thinking its someone else who has been banned from several website and is a complete nutjob.

justiceforjuveniles said...

It sounds like this guy "jxncitizn" over at Reason Hit & Run. Saying the same stuff basically. Claims because Levy hasn't denied the charges, he's guilty.