Friday, October 16, 2009

Here's what I know

I know that we live in a state facing momentous challenges.

I know that we continually lack the educational and industrial infrastructure that could help us overcome our adversities.

I know that, after spending well over 100 years in last place in every category that matters, we suffered the effects of a storm unmatched in its ferocity and its devastation, raking from our shores many of the homes, businesses, and people that we loved and depended upon.

I know that, to many, Mississippi is the forgotten ashbin of America.

I know that within those ashes, embers burn.

I know that, throughout the history of our species, the few have been the catalyst for the progress of many, and that every generation has its opportunity to mold the world in its image. 

I know that I am fortunate enough to live amongst a generation of Mississippians unmatched in their creativity, dedication, and ingenuity.

I know there is no challenge greater than our ability.

I know that twenty years from now, no one will doubt this.

I know that the lights are on again in Downtown Jackson.

I know that Tunica is no longer Sugar Ditch.

I know that nature is no match for the resolve of our Coast.

I know that success of this state is the metric by which our generation of Mississippians will be measured.  It is an intellectual, spiritual, and moral challenge.

And I know that we will succeed.


Paul Quinn said...

Well done. Did you write this?

Matt Eichelberger said...

Thanks, Paul. I did write this. Got inspired to do so driving across the Spillway last night on my way home from Rankin County.