Friday, May 1, 2009

No Excuse for This Nonsense, Rep. Evans

In a post today on Y'all Politics, Alan Lange calls our attention to, and condemns, this print screed by Rep. Jim Evans regarding the upcoming Mayor's race:

Crisler and Horhn too costly for mayor

By Representative Jim Evans
April 30, 2009

Jackson Advocate

The Capitol Street Gang has decided who their new slaves will be for the May 5th Democratic primary. This gang, consisting of control-minded thugs like Leland Speed and Billy Mounger, as well as Dixie-rats (sic) like Kane Ditto and William Winter, have lined up behind the Minstrel Man, John Horhn, and that cartoon cop, better known as Marshand Crisler. The Capitol Street gang has invested over $600,000 in these two slaves to carry out the mission of turning the city over to them. . . . .

This low-down bunch of robber barrons [sic] and white supremacists cannot be given the keys to City Hall ever again. . . . .

The only thing standing in their way is a strong black person in the mayor’s office. A free person, a person that doesn’t act like a cuffe or a coon in front of the self-proclaimed elite. In order for Jackson to move ahead, we have to be in charge, not black folks that act as gatekeepers or yes-men to this evil power structure.

My two cents: I'm not sure which is worse: the racist diatribe against Sen. Horhn and Councilman Crisler, or the delusional notion that Kane Ditto or William Winter were or are "Dixie-rats" or "white supremacists." Note that this is a written, published piece that took time, effort and thought (if one can call it that), not a slip of the tongue at some heated campaign event or at a bar. Malice aforethought is presumed.

Make no mistake about it: this hit piece is part of a concerted strategy by the incumbent Mayor (Rep. Evans' wife is City Attorney) to blame Mayor Melton's problems on "The Man" and to suggest that the leading new faces for the job are "The Man's men." I have argued before that the Department of Justice's push to re-try Melton is fodder for this plan.

There is one way to repudiate this trash, and that's to throw the incumbent out.


Kingfish said...

Sarah loses a $60,000 payday if the bond deal is screwed up.

Anonymous said...

While this piece may be part of a concerted effort, those who have ever spent any one on one time around Jim Evans are not surprised by this piece. He has assailed whites for a long time, and without reservation.

What's also interesting is Evans assistance to Brenda Scott in her campaign, and the rumor that both he and Sarah have been also helping Eddie Fair.

Anonymous said...

Kane Ditto was the worst mayor Jackson has had. He may not be a dixiecrat but he was a piss poor mayor.

Jim Craig said...

I can't agree with that last post. Mayor Allen Thompson, who served from 1949-69, was known for the famous "Thompson Tank," a $15,000 armoured car purchased in 1964, during the height of the civil rights movement. The vehicle was an intimidation ploy against civil rights demonstrators. He also organized a police force known as "Allen's Army". The city stengthened its police force and was supplied with gas masks, helmets and shotguns. The civil rights movement and the Freedom Riders were publicly referred to as "practices of racial agitation." In 1963, after the jails filled with Freedom Riders, the State Fairgrounds were used as jail space for protesters.

Calling Kane Ditto the "worst Mayor Jackson ever had" is like saying Helmut Schmidt was the worst chancellor in German history. Um, not quite.

Kingfish said...

Lets just say Ditto was the worst until Melton. For some of us, the only mayors we know are Danks and later ones.