Monday, May 18, 2009

Horhn, Crisler Agree: No Offer to Endorse in Exchange for Paying Debts

The Jackson Free Press is reporting the response of both Sen. John Horhn and Councilman Marshand Crisler to the flyer that was stuck on my (and many others, I presume) car yesterday:

"I was approached by both campaigns and actively approached by the Crisler campaign," Horhn told the Jackson Free Press. "A number of offers were made by the Crisler campaign, some of which were quite lucrative. ... The fact of the matter is that the Crisler campaign fell all over itself trying to recruit me to their campaign with promises of elimination of my campaign debt and a few other things. And for them to suggest otherwise is absolutely ludicrous. They put the money on the table. The Johnson campaign has no money."

Also according to the JFP story, Councilman Crisler says the flyer is false, and claims he did not approve the flyer:

At a press conference this morning, mayoral candidate Marshand Crisler denied allegations, made in two new fliers supporting his candidacy, that his opponent Harvey Johnson bought the endorsement of state Sen. John Horhn, a former mayoral candidate. When asked about the fliers, Crisler first responded, "I denounce any negative politics and that one in particular." When the JFP's Adam Lynch and Donna Ladd asked directly whether Horhn had ever offered to sell his endorsement, Crisler replied, "No."

I'm glad to hear it. Now I want to know who was behind the flyers.


Donna Ladd said...

The Committee for a Safer Jackson, Jim. We're trying to find out if they're registered.

I have a pile of ugly anti-Johnson flyers and mailers put out since Friday. One was by Better Jackson PAC, secretary Wilson Carroll, but not sure who else is involved. He won't tell us.

Jim Craig said...

"Safer Jackson" did the piece about Horhn, and "Better Jackson" did the SS Harvey piece?

Anonymous said...

David Sanders has posted on Jackson Jambalaya that he is also a named party with Better Jackson.

If I recall correctly not only must they be registered but they also have to file a campaign finance report.

Follow the money.

Jim Craig said...

Getting the "who" is only part of the story. The next -- and to my mind most important -- part is, what is the basis for that flyer? Who was the source? Or is it a total falsehood?

Kingfish said...

I want to know who filed the request for Crisler's BK.

Jim Craig said...

I do too, Kingfish. I would think there's some federal form that had to be filled out to get it from archives.