Friday, November 19, 2010

Checking in

So, I absolutely nailed the election predictions.  Every. Single. Last. One.  Don't have a read on the Priester-Southern run-off yet, but I'm thinking Priester was just too close not to pull it off.  That being said, I've seen plenty of run-off elections where the leader in the general election loses.  That usually happens because those who voted for one of the other candidates voted as much against the general election leader as they did for their candidate.  (Charlie Ross comes to mind....)  I think Priester is well-liked, and will most likely pull it out.  I don't expect a landslide either way, though.

That brings me to another matter, which I'm mulling over and am not ready to fully post about: what changes will Judge Tomie Green make to the Hinds County Circuit Court when she takes over as Senior Judge in January?  We already know she's moving into Yerger's current office and courtroom.  I hope she takes her modern audiovisual equipment with her, as the acoustics in "the big courtroom" are horrible.  (Ask anyone who was there for the special venire in State v. Stanley Cole.)  But what about the substantive changes? The senior judge in Hinds has some rather interesting powers.  She can, for instance, split the circuit into a criminal and a civil division.  She also has appointment power over the Public Defender.  She can also substantially influence the appointment of special circuit court judges by the Supreme Court. 

I also may have my hands on something concerning a former public official who's no longer with us.  We'll see.

So that's what's bouncing around my mind at the moment.  I'll post on it soon.

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