Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Get ready, Peyton: here they come to get you!

On USA Today's football blog, I read this fantastic quote by Saints' safety Darren Sharper about the defensive plan for the Super Bowl against the Colts:

"We are going to play football the way it's supposed to be played ... We want a guy to bounce twice before he goes down."
Sharper also said:

"If someone is in a position to tackle a guy and his head might be down, the last thing that he saw was that the quarterback has the football. He doesn't know if he's thrown the ball. He's just finishing off his job and tackling the guy. And next thing you know the ball has been thrown and there's a penalty. There's little rules like that that need be changed to allow guys to play. The personal foul-type rules are kinda ticky-tack right now."
Ask Brett Favre. Rick Cleveland's blog has the day-after photos of Favre's ankle and hamstring.
Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

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