Friday, January 29, 2010

State entities that are possibly immune to cuts

Here's a list of funds filled (whether in whole or in part) by assessments on implied consent law violations.

From Section 99-19-73:

  • Crime Victims' Compensation Fund
  • State Court Education Fund
  • State Prosecutor Education Fund
  • Vulnerable Adults Training, Investigation and Prosecution Trust Fund
  • Child Support Prosecution Trust Fund
  • Driver Training Penalty Assessment Fund
  • Law Enforcement Officers Training Fund
  • Emergency Medical Services Operating Fund
  • Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program Fund
  • Federal-State Alcohol Program Fund
  • Mississippi Crime Laboratory Implied Consent Law Fund
  • Spinal Cord and Head Injury Trust Fund
  • Capital Defense Counsel Fund
  • Indigent Appeals Fund
  • Capital Post-Conviction Counsel Fund
  • Victims of Domestic Violence Fund
  • State General Fund
  • Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters Death Benefits Trust Fund
  • Law Enforcement Officers and Fire Fighters Disability Benefits Trust Fund
  • State Prosecutor Compensation Fund for the purpose of providing additional compensation for legal assistants to district attorneys
  • Crisis Intervention Mental Health Fund
  • Drug Court Fund
  • Statewide Victims' Information and Notification System Fund
  • Public Defenders Education Fund
  • Domestic Violence Training Fund
  • Attorney General's Cyber-Crime Unit


Charlie Ali said...

Sure is a long list of state government operations. Our assembly certainly does constrain the governor to administer our state properly. Since the district attorneys r only mentioned as the additional program, is it assumed by the legislature that they r already guaranteed full funding?

Matt Eichelberger said...

Charlie - I think it's important to remember that the 1890 Constitution was written largely in response to Reconstruction. The authors were very reluctant to amass power in any one person or office. It's very much a testament to the idea that undergirds the states rights approach to government: the government that governs best is the government closest to the people. Hence their apprehension about a strong central leader (governor) and the allocation of immense power to the Legislature, a body which is made up of people from the different communities around the state.

Then there was also the more sinister motive: Put the power in the Legislature and apportion the seats so as to prevent African-Americans from ever gaining a majority there.

Charlie Ali said...

Matt, I'm with u on the history, but the current lawmakers have the same view about power because they insured these many funds r under their control. Many state commissions, boards, etc r 2.