Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Return to Never-Neverland

Just back from a weekend in Berkeley, and the Bold New City aka City of Hospitality is abuzz with the news that Mayor Frank Melt-down does NOT live here! Wow. Maybe I dreamed the last four years??

This being the topic du jour, it gives me the opportunity to connect my World to the new home of NMC (former folo blogger), which is, appropriately,

NMC REALLY does NOT live in Jack-in-the-Box-Town. He has, nevertheless, collected a group of stories on the latest Melt-down drama here:

My two cents on the Case of the Non-Resident Mayor: If we don't watch out, there's going to be a backlash against the actions of the Feckless Federales and the "See No Melton, Hear No Melton, Speak No Melton" Democratic Committee. The crime-beleaguered citizens of West Jackson may decide that His Frankness is trying his best, and that they won't let The Man take their choices away from them.

Why not just let the Mayor run for re-election, make every effort to defeat him, and take care of business that way? The Federal trial can always be scheduled for after the election.

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