Monday, February 9, 2009

Does Death Penalty Defense Really Pay?

As you may realize, the Blogspot web manager allows a blog like mine to sponsor ads. Google picks the ads based on some computer program that matches the content of the blog with the ad. So lately, the ads in my World feature several lawyers who advertise, "Facing the Death Penalty? Call me, yada, yada, yada."

Some helpful information for the folks posting the ads:

1. People facing the death penalty rarely have access to the Internet.

2. People facing the death penalty rarely have funds to hire lawyers.

3. Lawyers who try to get paid privately for handling death penalty cases rarely know what the hell they are doing.

In any event, if you or your loved one ARE facing the death penalty in Mississippi, don't call these slobs. Just ask your local PD to have the Mississippi Office of Capital Defense Counsel represent you. ( . Andre deGruy, the Executive Director of the Office, is the best trial lawyer handling capital cases in the State. He's free, and you or your loved one are probably eligible to hire him.

I guess I won't get much ad revenue on this thing. Oh well.

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