Monday, January 26, 2009

Innocent on Death Row in Texas

From the Houston Chronicle via DPIC, (, the following information about the threatened execution of an innocent man on Death Row in Texas:

The Houston Chronicle editorialized against the execution of Larry Swearingen, which had been scheduled for tomorrow, January 27. The Chronicle noted that the forensic scientist who testified about the time of death of the victim at Swearingen's trial now believes the death occurred later, a time at which Swearingen was in police custody on another matter. Five other physicians and forensic experts concurred that the murder occurred after the time that Swearingen was arrested on a traffic matter. Blood and hair samples from the victim also indicated the presence of another assailant. Dr. Glenn Larkin, a retired forensic pathologist who reviewed the case, told the Texas Monthly that “no rational and intellectually honest person can look at the evidence and conclude Larry Swearingen is guilty of this horrible crime.”
There have been 5 executions so far in 2009--100% have occurred in the south, and 60% in Texas. Three more executions are scheduled in January, all in Texas.
(Editorial, "Room for Doubt," Houston Chronicle, Jan. 22, 2009).

Two hours ago, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit granted a reprieve to allow Swearingen's lawyers to present this (and more) compelling evidence of his innocence. See

Take action: write Governor Perry of Texas -- no matter where you're from -- and ask him to stop this execution permanently. It CAN work.

Here's the link to his contact info:

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